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My name is Monica Lighty and I am the President of Eloquent Success Waist Beaded Jewels along with my business partner and daughter Shiane Lighty who is Vice President. There is such a unique feeling of femininity that takes place when waist beads are worn around your waist. They are exotic and alluring to the eye of the beholder. It might just be the prettiest and sexiest trend you will ever see. These days you my catch a glimpse of color as a woman leans over a certain way and the glistening glow of her African waist beads makes a coy cameo appearance. However, the history goes way beyond a fashion trend. Waist beads are more than ornaments as they also take on a very spiritual and cultural meaning. Each piece is customized and handmade, sized to fit various shapes and sizes. We also make beaded bracelets, chokers, ankle bracelets, necklaces, gemstone bracelets and beaded body jewelry. Feel free to explore our website and enjoy your Eloquent Success Beaded Jewels.

History of WaistBeads

Waist Beads are an excellent addition to assist women in feeling even more feminine, sexy and beautiful. They are handmade custom designs with a gorgeous variety of beads, gemstones and spacers in various shapes, sizes and colors. The tradition of wearing beads is an old –age one. They have been worn for various reasons signifying royalty, for body adornment, deification and decoration. They are everywhere and tradition states that they are not for show in African tradition, waist beads are meant to be worn under clothing. They are for you or your husband’s eyes only. It’s personal. The meaning of the colors varies with every tribe. In America and other parts of the world it’s certainly a form of personal expression and individual interpretation. They are for all women of any ethnic background, body type, shape, size, race and color. Think of them as colorful strands of femininity made of vibrant glass or clay beads, gemstones, pieces of horn, shells and sometimes gold or silver fittings, strung together by hand and tailored to embrace a woman’s individual midsection.

The color patterns and the reasons for wearing them bear an even greater myriad of meanings, a modicum of mystery and folklore. While the practice dates back centuries in various regions of Africa, it is even depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphics and taking on different interpretations in other cultures. It has become increasingly popular in the United States during the past couple of years. Now waist beads are often sold at house parties and bridal showers. A sign that they clearly taken on trend status in American culture. I have women who get one strand then quickly come back for more. A big reason for the modern popularity of waist beads is the sense of empowerment they provide over an area of the female form that is often a source of physical discomfort or embarrassment over extra pounds. Most women have issues with their middle section, and the last thing they want to do is draw more attention to that area. However, putting on something very beautiful and adorning around that area makes you feel sexy and builds a strong feeling of confidence no matter your size. We sell beads to women with waistlines from 20 to 65 inches and of all ages.

Historians believe the African tradition of waist beads may have originated among the Yoruba tribes, now mainly in Nigeria. But the practice is also seen in West Africa, notably Ghana, where the beads signify wealth and aristocracy, as well as femininity. Waist beads are also found in other cultures, and while African, Indian and Islamic women typically keep them under wraps, some display the beads over their clothes or on bare midriffs, such as belly dancers in Eastern cultures.

Waist Beads are typically worn at all times even while bathing or sleeping. Depending on your purpose the beads can serve as symbols of sensuality, fertility and rites of passage, passed down from mother to daughter. There are superstitions about pregnancy and the energies of the Earth. Some see them as conveyors of positive energy and healing. Some wear them strictly for fashion and others choose them for the very practical use of weight control. If your beads are getting a little tight, it is a sign that you need to scale back on over eating. You will feel sexy the moment you put them on. They are definitely not just for the well shaped women. When you walk naked past a mirror and see this gorgeous jewelry hanging on you It makes you feel beautiful. They will turn a shy simple individual into that confident, vivacious woman no matter her size.

While the colors in African waist beads are open to interpretation, some traditions equate certain qualities to various hues:

Blue: Knowledge, healing, peace, truth, harmony — a cooling color symbolizing faith, devotion, deep insight.

Green: Prosperity, hope, harmony, healing and ripening, encouraging the wearer to love nature and be generous, humble and self-controlled.

Red: Self-confidence, vitality, sexual energy, passion, courage.

Yellow: Wisdom, knowledge, clarity, increasing awareness and calming nerves.

Purple: Royalty, nobility, luxury, power and ambition. Also represents wealth, devotion and peace.

Orange: Joy, sunshine, tropics, Represents enthusiasm, creativity, determination, attraction, success and encouragement.

Brown: Steadfastness, simplicity, friendliness, dependability and health.

Black: Elegance, power, mystery, fear, authority and sophistication.

White: Associated with light, goodness, perfection, safety, purity and cleansing, positive,
successful beginnings.

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