How To Measure Anklet

How to measure for a BeadPerfect Beaded Anklet

Eloquent Success Waist Beaded Anklets available in 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 inch sizes and every ¼ inch in between. If you would prefer your beaded anklet to be non-adjustable just request it when placing your order, and we can remove the extender from your anklet. If you want the anklet to BeadPerfect you will need to determine if you want to wear your anklet above or below your ankle bone. I prefer to wear mine loose and comfortable below the bone.

If you are wearing thongs or backless sandals you can wear your anklets below the bone. If you are wearing sandals that have straps below your bone, your beaded anklets will need to be above the bone.

Anklet Bracelets Above the Bone

Measure with a string or tape measure above your ankle bone and add ¼”. For example; if your ankle measures 9″, you will need a 9¼ – 9¾” anklet. This will allow room to loosen or tighten the beaded anklet to fit just right.

If there is no graduation above your bone you may be better off wearing your anklets below the bone.

Ankle Bracelets Below the Bone

Measure with a string or tape measure below your ankle bone and add ¼ to ½” depending on how loose you want your anklets to be. For example, if your ankle measures 10″, you will need a 10¼ – 10¾” or a 10½ – 11″ anklet.

Getting Your Anklet Right

Trying on anklets is very much like trying on shoes. When you receive your new sparkling trinket try it on and walk around the house. If you feel the anklet is too loose or feels too tight, try to tighten or loosen it a notch or two. If you are unable to do this, then figure out approximately how much less or extra you need and exchange your anklet for one in the correct size.